Archaeology Adventure Week

This is a 5 day workshop.

(Monday - Friday from 10AM to 12PM)

For Ages 8+, No Exceptions

*Preregistration required for entry.

*Masks are strongly encouraged.

*Admission is valid until the Museum closes at 5pm.


Adults who wish to follow with the workshop must purchase an Archaeology Adventure Ticket.

Siblings without an Archaeology Adventure Ticket may not follow with the workshop.

Adults and siblings are welcome to self-tour during the program with general admission or use our optional drop-off / pickup.

Optional Drop-off / Pickup

Archaeology Adventure Week offers optional drop-off/pickup for children ages 8-17 years old.

Parents are required to sign a waiver on the first day of the workshop if they wish to drop-off or self-tour during the workshop with general admission.

Drop-off is at 9:30AM and pickup is at noon.

Please complete the drop-off / pickup contact information when prompted or N/A if an adult chaperone will be attending the workshop.

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